Sylwester Samulski

ul. Gryfa Pomorskiego 69B/9
81-572 Gdynia

phone: +48 (0)58 629-26-29
mobile: +48 (0) 502-047-818

Sylwester Samulski
mobile: +48 (0) 509-461-785

Konrad Celiński
mobile: +48 (0) 502-047-817

Our Company in the course of its long-lasting operation has been employing specialists representing the following shipping specializations:

repair of machines and shipping devices
piping works
power hydraulics
fitting works
carpentry works
welding works

Since the year 1989 we have been performing repairs of ships of such ship-owners as: PLO, PŻM, POL-LEVANT, POL-SEAL, LEVANT --SHIPPING, POL-AMERICA, EUROAFRICA, EURO-EAST, PŻB, as well as fishing boats in Hel and Władysławowo.

We provide cooperation services for the shipyards in the Tri city. We also perform fitting and hydraulics services to the public as well as to companies including: MPH Gdynia, Coca Cola LTD Gdynia, MK Cafe and institutions such as the Municipality Hall of Kartuzy and others.

Due to our cooperation with the Gdańsk "Repair" Shipyard S.A. named after J. Piłsudski we have an opportunity to co-operate with the best specialists in the area of floating crafts repairs and with the ship-owners from all over the world .

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